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Digger's Story

Terraces Times Author Interview

Terraces Times CoverAuthor is interviewed for the Terraces Times, publication at the The Terraces, A Queensland retirement village.

Interviewer is the Editor, Chris Caught.

Chris: How did it come about that you wrote David’s story? I can’t imagine that one morning over cornflakes you said to Marjorie “I think I’ll go upstairs and ask David if I can write a biography on his life on the Burma Railway!”

Brian: No, no cornflakes. It was late afternoon and red wine, David’s favourite…—only partly joking! We met in the leisure centre at some event more than four years ago. It didn’t take us long to find out that we were both interested in writing his story. Ever after that we met most Sunday afternoons at his place around 3.00 PM. He opened a bottle of good red wine and I organised the recorder. I was never much of a red wine drinker and he never asked what I would like to drink but I got used to it. This happened on a very regular basis for almost four years. I would then transcribe the recording when I was reasonably sober on Monday morning.

Chris: Was his story confronting and how did you deal with the information? By that I mean, some authors take themselves on the journey, others detach themselves and write as an onlooker.

New Interviews and Digger's Story e-Book Versions

Two more interviews with Brian and David have been uploaded to the home page.

These were recorded just a week or two before David died but have just been added to the website. In Interview 4 David talks about diseases of the railway and in Interview 5 he describes what it was like being a Sanski boy to a Japanese officer, and how he instigated a little germ warfare in revenge.

Scroll the video bar along to the right to see the most recent additions.

E-Book versions of Digger's Story are now available (at very reasonable cost of course). They can be found at the following places and perhaps elsewhere that I am not yet aware of:

The book should also be available in some selected UK book stores next year.

Merry Xmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


E-Book versions are also available at:

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Glued to the Pages
I spent every spare moment with my nose glued to the pages. Digger's character is very strong indeed, and his sense of humour which undoubtedly helped him through horrendous times also assists in a...
Barbara L'Herpiniere

Perth, WA


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