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Press Kit

The following resources are provided for Digger's Story promotional purposes.

About the Authors

See the Author Biographies page.


In Microsoft Word format: Digger's-Story-Synopsis.doc (20 KB)
In PDF format: Digger's-Story-Synopsis.pdf (28 KB)


See the Reviews page.

Media Coverage

22nd June 2012 - Josh Nyman - Albany Advertiser: "Do you recognise these twins?"
7th August 2012 - Kiri Ten Dolle - The Satellite: "Sad end to Digger's Story"
11th August 2012 - Ian Barry - Courier Mail: "Digger's Story"

Press Releases

August 2012: 2012-08-Digger's-Story-Press-Release.pdf
January 2014: 2014-01-Digger's-Story-Press-Release-The-Railwayman.pdf

Update: Brian Robertson is based in Queensland and is available for interviews.

Contact Information

Contact information for the authors and the publisher is included at the bottom of the page.

Low Resolution Book CoverS

Book covers in JPG format: (586 KB)

High Resolution Book Cover

Book cover in PDF format: diggers-story-cover.pdf (2 MB)

Cover Text

Back Cover Text: diggers-story-back-cover-text.txt (1 KB)


Direct links to the videos featured on the front page of the website are as follows:

"How We Started the Book":
"Japan and Reparations":
"Atrocities, Adventure and Never Forget ":
Five Mile Press Video:
"Diseases of the Railway":
"Sanski Boy and Germ Warfare":

Author Photos

Click on an image for a slideshow including captions. Within the slideshow, right-click an image and choose "Save" to save the highest resolution version.


A Case Study in Tenacity and Aussie Fighting Spirit
There is history with a capital H, which is dates and times and famous men and then there’s history at the personal level, fashioned from the lives of individual people.  And in many ways this is t...
Ian Barry

The Courier Mail - 11th August 2012


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